Keeping Your Eggs and Embryos Safe

Neway Fertility provides safe and reliable storage for reproductive tissues

Neway-Logo-gray-XL-300x169NEW YORK, March 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, two US fertility clinics have experienced failure of their storage tanks, compromising thousands of eggs and embryos. This has sparked national headlines and created a national conversation surrounding the safety of frozen reproductive tissue.  As a result, Neway Fertility, a leading fertility clinic in New York and member of the international Maria Fertility Network, has received many patient inquiries about what we do to ensure the safety of their reproductive tissue.

“Preserved tissue has the potential to help our patients build their families,” says Neway Fertility’s Medical Director, Dr. Ralf Zimmermann. “Here at Neway, we have multiple layers of protection to ensure that such an event never occurs to our patients.” 

Specifically, Neway’s highly trained embryologists maintain a daily log which records the temperature and the liquid nitrogen level of each tank. A Standard Operating Protocol was developed to ensure the continuous professional oversight of the storage tanks, such as maintaining the liquid nitrogen between 32 to 34 cm, measuring and monitoring the daily evaporation rate, and procedures to filling the tank when the liquid nitrogen level drops to 26 cm. In addition, Neway utilizes a specialized state-of-the-art back-up alarm system that monitors storage tanks continuously. The automatic system tracks the temperature and nitrogen level within the tank.  If any unforeseen fluctuations in the storage environment does occur, an alarm system triggers an immediate alert to Neway’s Laboratory Director, Dr. HoJoon Lee, Dr. Zimmermann, and the administrator on duty.

"Manual inspection of the storage tanks is the simplest and most important precaution that can be taken. Our protection plan was designed specifically for reproductive tissues in our center,” says Dr. Lee. "By using this dual-approach to monitor the storage environment, we are confident that our storage system is safe, providing the best possible protection for the eggs and embryos of our patients."

About Neway Fertility

Neway Fertility is a leading NYC fertility clinic offering the full range of fertility treatments, with an emphasis on natural approaches. Neway was founded by Dr. Jin-Ho Lim, a pioneer in natural fertility and founder of the groundbreaking Maria Fertility Network in Asia. Dr. Lim established a Neway in 2011 to bring his innovative treatments to the US. Neway leverages innovative and personalized treatment to increase patient’s chances of pregnancy through the most natural means. Visit for more information. 

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