Keep Your Options Open With Egg Freezing

One of the most discussed fertility topics among women today is egg freezing. It’s not uncommon for women in the their twenties and thirties to bring up the issue over brunch and mimosas—and that’s a good thing. We should be talking about it more.

At Neway Fertility we are all about options. The ability to freeze one’s eggs often allows women to put their minds more at ease about wanting to delay starting a family in order to focus elsewhere, like on their careers. Of course there are no guarantees, but being aware of all of your choices as early as possible is a great step to lessening fertility anxiety down the road.

As always we want to arm our patients with the most information possible to help them make decisions about family planning and fertility. And egg freezing is one of the first options available to a young woman, as it is about investing in the future, even a possibly far-off future.

To that end we are hosting a Freeze the Clock event in New York City on October 1st to share our knowledge with patients looking for answers to their many questions like “Am I too old to freeze my eggs?” “What is the perfect age?” and “How much does it cost?” We’ll also educate women about our unique In vitro maturation (IVM) treatment, which allows for egg harvesting without the use of fertility drugs.

“This egg freezing event is not only for women who are interested in freezing eggs in hopes of having a child in the future, but also for women who simply want to learn about their bodies and increase their ‘reproductive wisdom’”, says our Medical Director. “We are all so busy with our lives and careers in New York City and there are so many things that are out of our control. We want to empower women. And through this event, we, as women, can gain back control of our biological clocks and improve our reproductive health and awareness. Please join us and gain control!”

Hope to see you in October, but if you can’t make it please take a look at the information about egg freezing at Neway Fertility here and contact us at 212-750-3330 to inquire further.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you along your fertility journey.