New Affordable Fertility Treatment Pricing by Vitaly A. Kushnir MD

Neway is excited to announce New Affordable Fertility Treatment Pricing.

While Neway has always been committed to provide the highest quality fertility care, we are now also focusing on improving access to fertility care for patients who lack insurance benefits.


Commitment to Quality:

Our team exceeds the highest standards in the field:

Neway provides individualized patient care by board-certified Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility doctors who have completed training at Ivy League institutions and provide the highest level of care. Each patient is treated by her own doctor and nurse, serving as a personal guide on the journey to parenthood. Our IVF laboratory is led by an on-site, High-complexity Clinical Laboratory Director (HCLD)


State-of-the-art technology:

Neway uses the most advanced fertility technologies available in our modern facility. We are proud to be part of the international Maria Fertility Network.


Commitment to Equality:

Neway is proud to serve fertility needs of all patients who need our help. We do not exclude patients from treatment based on age, ovarian reserve, weight, sexual orientation, relationship status, or ethnic background.


Commitment to Affordability:

Our goal is to provide the most affordable, high quality fertility care in NYC.

Neway accepts most insurance plans. For patients who lack insurance benefits we offer transparent and affordable prices. Because patients often require multiple cycles of treatment to achieve their fertility goals, Neway also offers discounted multi-cycle packages.

Our low-cost IVF, egg freezing, and artificial insemination plans are designed to improve access to fertility care. Neway also works with financing specialists to provide stress-free financing for fertility treatments.


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