Reproductive Immune Treatments (A to Z)

For patients with diagnosed autoimmune disorders there are widely accepted treatment strategies for prior to and during pregnancy. However, for patients with subclinical autoimmunity and inflammation there is less clarity. Because of the heterogeneous presentation of patient with these conditions very few high-quality clinical studies exist, thus there is a lack of scientific evidence upon which treatment strategies can be developed.

For infertile patients and those with history of recurrent miscarriage who do not have an underlying autoimmune disease, suppressing the maternal immune system with medications has for the most part not been successful in improving implantation or preventing miscarriage. The current focus in reproductive immunology has shifted away from therapies aimed to suppress the maternal immune system in favor of those intended to enhance tolerance of paternal antigens and of the fetus.

Neway Fertility created a partial list of reproductive immune medications and treatments, though the level of evidence behind most of these is often limited and therefore may not be appropriate for most patients with fertility and pregnancy issues. It is also important to recognize that many medications, especially hormones, used in fertility treatment have secondary effects on the immune system.

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