Taking Control of Your Fertility

Many women never have a conversation with a doctor about their fertility until after numerous failed attempts to get pregnant. For some this may mean they have missed out on some options available to them. At Neway we believe that in educating women about fertility, we allow them to take better control of their bodies and their lives.   A 2014 study by Yale University surveyed 1000 women between the ages of 18 and 40 about knowledge, attitudes, beliefs around conception, pregnancy, and other related health topics—and some of the results were quite shocking. Three-quarters of those surveyed had never talked about specific fertility and reproductive issues with their doctors even though 40% of the women polled admitted to having concerns about their ability to conceive.  

That’s a tremendous lack of communication between doctors and their patients about an issue that is important to them. And we want to see that change.  Educating women about their bodies and their fertility means giving them more choices and decreasing the unknowns in their lives. Knowledge truly is power.    

“True empowerment can change the dynamic playing field of fertility for woman. It is extremely important for a woman to know one’s body and its own fertility potential if she wants to have a baby in the future,” says Dr. Luk. “It doesn’t hurt to gather the information early or to ask questions about it even if you are not planning to have a child now. Now more than ever before, technology can now level the playing field between men and women.“  

In much the same way that Sheryl Sandberg wants women in “lean in” in the boardroom, we want them to do the same in the exam room or bedroom. And while it may not be fair, the truth is that the biological clock is not equal between men and women.   Women will greatly benefit from being informed about their own bodies and elective choices.

At Neway Fertility, we’re here to answer all the questions you have and help you to determine what treatment is best suited for you.   Please start your education with your doctors today!