The Female Approach: Why It’s Important to Have Women Doctors At the Forefront of Medicine

Thanks in no small part to Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, the conversation around the need for more female executives at top companies has grown louder over the past couple years. And studies have shown that this may have something to do with women’s management styles and approaches.

At Neway Fertility, we believe that it is equally important to have female voices at the forefront of medicine, especially when it comes to fertility. “Women need to feel like the providers understand them from a female perspective—not only biologically but also from a social perspective,” says Dr. Janelle Luk, fprmer Medical Director at Neway Fertility. “In many instances, women have to balance work and fertility treatment appointments while dealing with the tremendous stress that goes along with that treatment. A female provider who is also a working woman will be more sensitive to that aspects of patients care.”

Findings from other studies have also revealed that patients, regardless of gender, tend to be more assertive with women doctors, interrupting them and asking questions more frequently. While some experts have construed these interruptions as a sign of decreased respect, others contend that they in fact reflect a greater sense of comfort on the part of the patient. “Interruptions are not necessarily bad,” Dr. Hall observed. “They can be a sign of empowerment and of participation. Patients feel like they are really talking.”

We welcome this sort of open dialogue at Neway Fertility and pride ourselves on customized treatment for all of our patients.

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